Website Analysis and Stats

  • Website Analysis and Stats

What is this tool?


Every organization needs some sort of tools that are able to examine the performance and the knowledge of the websites.  For this purpose, there exists the innovative tool known as “Website Analysis and Stats” that provides detailed reports of the SEO for every pages of the site. It is the most popular and strong tool in the web analytics SEO toolbox. The reports of each and every web oage are generated and then the analysis of the various SEO factors is done so as to diagnose all the errors and the warnings that were searched during the analysis of the site.

The domain segment consists of the data about the domain that comprises of the Domain authority and the ranking, domain trust, domain age, contact information, quality link, indexing of the search engines, loading time and many others. The traffic segment is having the estimation of the traffic about the site that includes the Alexa rank metrics, domain traffic rank, bounce rate and many others. The page segment is having the essential information that includes page analysis, html validation, spider view, keyword analysis, indexing and many others. The link structure segment consists of the elements such as useful graphs, link structure, broken links list and much more. The diagnostic segment is having all the data about the status of the SEO of the page that consists of the record of the errors that were found during the analysis, warnings list and many others.

How to use?

How to make use of the Website Analysis and Stats tool?

In analytics tool, the search engine optimization reports make use of four metrics that includes the impressions, clicks, average position and the CTR. The feature of SEO Geographical summary report imparts a general detail of impression by a specific country. In a nutshell, you are able to view from which country you are getting the most search activity. The query reports of the SEO provide the search queries of the Google that produces the most impression for the URL of your website. Such queries are helpful in gaining attention of the audiences and bringing more improvement in the content that leads to produce more sales.

This tool is the most desirable for enhancing the ranking of the webpage.

Utilization of the tool:

In order to use the Website Analysis and Stats tool online, you need to enter the URL of the site in the search box of the tool and enter “Check”. Within a second, you are able to fetch a complete report of the websites including all the pages.