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What is this tool?


Technology has simplified many of your works and it is good to know that it helps in saving your precious time. Most of the online tools are accurate and automated so it is very easy for everyone to use the tools. The online tools are self-explanatory so you need not worry about understanding them. Here is a wonderful tool especially for web site developers to convert the URL into HTML links that can be used directly on web pages. So if you have a number of URL that need to be converted, you can use this online tool which is handy and useful.

Why should you convert URL to HTML?

If you wish to display some URL on your web pages, you need to convert them to HTML language so that they are understood by the webpages. It might be time consuming to write tonnes of codes in HTML language so it is better to use the online too URL to HTML link that helps you to convert the entire URL into a HTML link that can be used directly on your web pages.

How to use?

How to use the online URL to HTML Link tool?

The tool can be used by anyone as it is very simple. There is text box where you can type the URL. Remember you can have as many numbers of URL as needed. It does not restrict you to type more than one URL. When you type the URL’s you can type them in separate lines, or separate them using commas or spaces.

Next, you need to select any one option as per you input from the list of options. ‘My URLs are on separate lines’, ‘My URLs are separated by commas’, and ‘My URLs are separated by spaces’.

Next you need to define how your output file should be. You can select any of the options from the list like, ‘ No Special formatting’, ‘wrap each link in a paragraph tag’, ‘wrap all the links in a

with a
after each link’, ‘wrap each link in a div tag’, ‘put all the links in a bulleted list’, ‘put all the links in a numbered list’. You can choose any of these options to get your desired output.

Link Target – This is an optional feature that defines if the URLs should be new window, self, parent or top of the webpage.Click on ‘covert URL to HTML link’ and the converted file format is displayed at the bottom of the page.