URL Encoder Decoder

  • URL Encoder / Decoder

What is this tool?


URL encoding is referred as replacing characters in a URL with percentage characters and hexadecimal digits which is one or more than one. The hexadecimal character will represent the numeric value of the replaced character. This online tool helps in encoding a string of text in the URL uniformly so that it is widely accepted. The tool first converts the character into byte using UTP-8 encoding and then the bytes which are not ASCII are again converted into the hexadecimal value of the byte. There are only certain characters that are allowing in URL and the rest of the characters are replaced with their respective hexadecimal numbers.

What are the allowed URL characters?

  • Upper case letters (A-Z)
  • Lower case letters (a-z)
  • Numbers (0-9)
  • Dash/ Hyphen/ Minus sign (-)
  • Underscore (_)
  • Period/dot (.)
  • Exclamation symbol (!)
  • Asterisk / star (*)
  • Single quote (‘)
  • Open bracket (
  • Close bracket )

URL cannot have any other characters apart from this, so if there are any other codes, it will be encoded using the hexadecimal value.

  • Dollar sign ($) becomes %24
  • Ampersand (&) becomes %26
  • Plus sign (+) becomes %2B
  • Comma (,) becomes %2C
  • Colon (: ) becomes %3A
  • Semi-colon (;) becomes %3A
  • Equals to symbol (=) becomes %3D
  • Question mark (?) becomes %3F
  • At symbol (@) becomes %40

Don’t you think it is touch to encode the characters by yourself? This online tool is designed to make it simple so you can use the tool to encode and decode the URL easily and quickly.

How to use?

How to use the online tool URL encoder/Decoder ?

The tool is simple to use and you can use more than one URL at a time. You need to type the URL one after the other so that it does not consider all the URLs as one string.

To encode – Type the URL that you wish to encode and click on the button ‘encode’ the result appears at the bottom of the screen. If you wish the result to be displayed on the input screen, you can clock the button ‘Result to input’ and click ‘clear’ to clear the window and make the tool available to take the other input.

To decode – You need to decode the URL so that you understand the meaning of it. Type the link on the input textbox and click ‘Decode’ and the URL will be displayed promptly. This is a simple and easy to use tool. So, forget spending hours of time to encode and decode yourself.