Uppercase, Lowercase characters converter

  • Uppercase and Lowercase characters converter

What is this tool?


Did you realise that you haven’t turned ON the CAPS lock key on your keyboard before starting the work? Do you have too many words and sentences to rewrite in lower case or upper case? Don’t worry; there is an amazing tool available online that helps converting lower case to upper case and upper case to lower case. Are you among those hundreds who search for a shortcut on your keyboard to convert lower case texts to upper case or vice versa?

This tool is designed especially for all those who forget to have a look on the small light near their CAPS lock key. Have you also experienced a situation where you have to submit an important document in all uppercase but you have done them in lower case? Rectifying the mistake is now simple and easy.

How to use?

How to use the tool?

Online tools are invented with the motto of providing quick results to the user. You will definitely be impressed by using this tool. This is a simplified online tool which can be used by anyone who knows to use basic computers.  There is a text box that works as an input and an output field. There are two options ‘uppercase all characters’ and ‘lowercase all characters’ and there is a button that says ‘change’. Type the words or sentences in the text box or you can even copy and paste it on the textbox and select the option ‘Upper case all character’ or ‘lower case all characters’ and click on ‘change’. The result is displayed on the text box itself. In not more than few seconds, your words and sentences are corrected to the case that you request for.

Tool- Uppercase, Lowercase characters converter

There are many advantages of using the tool especially for those who spend a long time typing documents and books.
•    Easy and quick to use
•    Saves time
•    Re-typing not required
•    Meet targets easily

To use this tool, you need not be a computer savvy. It does not require any complex command or program. It is easy to use and you can see the results absolutely quick. If you know to do a ‘copy’, ‘paste’, you can definitely use this tool with ease. If your job is to type documents or book, you might have pages of work and if the case goes wrong, you are forced to re-do the whole thing again. If you learn to use this amazing tool, you work is made easy even if there is a mistake at your end in terms of upper and lower case. Remember, you don’t have to re-type the whole document just because the case is incorrect! Correction is made easy and thus saves al lot of time. When you are in a hurry to submit your target, your fingers may slip and hit the CAPS lock key and thus resulting in a wrong case of letters. Simply copy the incorrect case and change them.