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What is this tool?


Quick response code is readable by machine that contains information about the thing to which it is attached. The barcode is nothing but the combination of numbers, alphanumeric characters, binary values and kanji. QR codes are widely used as it is an easy way of storing data. You might have noticed a black square dot on a white background arranged on a square grid on almost all the products that you buy. These codes are read by a barcode reader or camera. Have you wondered how the code is generated? Do you want to generate the code by yourself? It is not difficult, you can do it online.

How to use?


How to create a QR code online?

You have online website to generate free QR codes easily and quickly. You can just enter the information you want and the tool will generate the code easily for you. The online tool is very easy to use. It has a text box to input the information that you need and a button ‘generate’ that helps in providing the output. If you are looking to create a QR code for a product that you sell, you can type the information about the product, company name and any other additional information that you need. All you need to do is type the text on the text box and click “generate”, it will generate the QR code for you. The QR code is displayed right below the input text box. You can save the code for printing purpose. Right click on the code that is generated and select ‘save as’ and the code gets downloaded and you can use it for your purpose. The code is downloaded in high quality and resolution in a PNG format which is easy to use. Is it not simple and easy?

You can generate the QR code with any information that you want. You can include Company details, Phone numbers, website address and many more. You can use these codes for commercial purpose on posters, pamphlets, business cards or any other means for advertisement purpose. These codes can be read easily on smartphones so your products or services can reach the target audience easily.

Almost all mobile phones, smart phones, black berry, IPhone has a link with the offline media. You can just scan the code instead of typing a lengthy URL or web address. You can easily convert your contact detail as a QR code and print them on your business card. It allows the customer or users to read the code through their mobile easily and save it. Use this online QR code generator which is free and is of high quality. The best purpose of this QR code is for the mobile users. If a web address or a URL is linked along with the QR code, the smart phones or cameras can read and it can directly take the user to the requested page without any difficulties. Thus the user need not type a whole website.