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What is this tool?


Are you out of passwords? Do you have hard time in creating a new password? Everything is digitalised and you need a password to access anything online. Can you risk your highly secured bank account with a weak password? Are you among those who have the same password for all you applications, bank accounts and shopping websites? Do you understand the risk of using the same password for all your applications? If a hacker gets to know the password, he has access to all the accounts and services that you use.

How to use?

How to use the tool?

The online tool has an input text box for specifying the length parameter. It has 3 checkboxes for letters, number and punctuations. There is a text box for generating the output or the results. You can prefer the length of the password that you wish to generate. Make sure you input only numbers in the ‘length’ field. Based on the requirement of the password, you can check the boxes for numbers, letters and punctuations. If you do not want any of those options, simply uncheck the box. Click on ‘generate’ once the input fields are competed, you can see your result in the output box.

Using the online tool you can generate passwords in different combinations like all alphabets, all numbers, letter and numbers, alphanumeric with special characters. You have multiple combinations of password that you can easily choose from. Create a unique password and have a safe account management in the online market.

Do you use any of the below mentioned bad passwords?

•    Password is the word password itself
•    Date of birth
•    Wedding anniversary
•    Vehicle number
•    Kid’s name
•    Nick name
•    Partner’s name
•    Your favourite things
•    Numbers like 12345

Don’t you think, it can be easily guessed if you choose to have any of the above mentioned passwords? It’s high time you need to realise the importance of a strong and secured passwords that cannot be guess by anyone. By keeping a secured and unique password, you can do anything on the internet without any worries. You need to create a password that is not easy to guess and not easy to crack. I’m sure you might have the question “How do I create a unique password?” in your mind. User the password generator tool that is available online and it can generate a quick and unique password that you can use.

How to generate password using Password Generator tool?

You don’t have to go through a big process. You can easily get the password just by a single click.
What do you require to generate the password?

•    Length
•    Letters
•    Numbers
•    Punctuations

You need to specify the length of the password. More than 8 characters are commonly considered as a strong password whereas a password created less than 8 characters are considered to be weak. Once you select the number of character, you have the choice of selecting letter, number and punctuations or special characters. Based on your requirement, you can choose a password specification.