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What is this tool?


The Meta tag is a coding writing in HTML that is used to describe the content of the webpages. This information provided on the meta-tag is used as index page on search engines. If a user tries to search for information, the meta-tag appears on the search engine helping him or her to locate the right information.  Mostly the meta-tags are located on the top of the webpage like a heading of the page. There are two kinds of Meta tags available. Keywords Meta tags and description Meta tags. In keywords Meta tags, you can specify the best keywords that talks about your website and in description Meta tags you can explain about the website in few lines that attracts the readers. Almost all search engines uses both keywords Meta tags and description Meta tags.

These Meta tags are mostly used by website designers who design the website and make it available for the user to access. Meta tag does not change the appearance and look of the website. They do not change the page structure or display like how the other html tags do. Meta tag holds information about the page, author and information about the website that can be used by the search engines.

How to use?

How to use the tool Meta Tag Generator?

This tool is simple to use as you just have to input your requirements in the text boxes available and the result is provided instantly. The tool has input text boxes for website title, website description, website keywords, and website author. There are two buttons ‘generator’ and ‘clear’.


In the first text box, you need to specify the website title. The next textbox is for ‘website description’ that holds brief introduction about your website. The next textbox is for the ‘website keywords’ that can hold the search engine friendly keywords and the last text box is for the name and information about the author of the website.

Here is an example to make it simple for you.


Text box 1:
Text box 2: Products sold at best prices and best quality. We have the best deal and you get good offers and discounts.
Text box 3: best deal, shopping at best price
Text box 4: xyz