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What is this tool?

Easy To Make A Popup Window Code Online

Have you seen those pop-up windows that appear on webpages when you click on something? It might have an advertisement or information or product details or sometimes a warning or error messages. Do you wish to have a similar kind of pop-up window for the website that you own? Having extra features on your website makes it interesting for your visitors and it can also yield a better ranking. Everything is now made online and there are many tools available in the internet that makes your work simple. You need to keep updating your website with up to date information so that visitors do not get bored.

Why a pop – up window?

Why should you use a pop-up window on your website? You can define specific information on a pop-up window when the user clicks on a link. If you have products displayed on your webpage, you can give the product description as a pop-up window. If you wish to give an additional information or want to use it for advertisement purpose or you can use it for any creative purpose that attracts the visitors.

How to use?

How to use the online tool Make popup window?

Make popup window is simple and easy to use and it can be understood by everyone.

There is an input text box for the URL. You need to specify the URL of your webpage that you wish to create a pop-up window for. There are multiple other options available as a check box. They are not mandatory but based on your need; you can select one or many among them. Menu bar, tool bar, location, scroll bars, status are the check boxes that are available which can be used if needed. You can also specify the Width and height of the pop-up window. The two text boxes ‘width’ and ‘height’ works as an input box and you can specify the numbers according to your need. Once the input field is complete you need to click on the button ‘generate code’ which will provide the result at the bottom of the page. The button ‘clear’ helps you to clear the page and make it available for the next input.

The code is obtained as a result which should be copied to the root folder of the webpage so that it can work immediately. Don’t you find it easy to use the online tool to create your own code?