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What is this tool?

What is Keyword Density Checker tool online?

As we all know that the keywords play a dynamic role in the field of the SEO. It is very essential that we should focus on the targeted keywords only in order to enhance the ranking of the site. Keyword density refers to the number of times, the keywords appears in rest of the page. It is very essential for the main keyword that it must consists of the accurate keyword density for ranking better in the search engine result page. For checking the density of the keywords, the online tool known as keyword density checker is used. The tool is having the capability that crawls the given URL, eliminate the stop words and helps in analyzing the keywords density.

How to use?

How to make use of the Keyword Density Checker tool online?

The use of this tool will not help you in fixing the mistakes, but it will surely examine your mistakes so you are able to make the accurate corrections. The main unique thing about the tool is that the URL can be entered or the article can be pasted, and you can also select the number of keywords output to display. Within a few seconds, the output will be displayed and you are able to know both the count and the density along with the words and phrases.

Sometimes, people make use of the more keywords than the expected density in order to optimize the site. But, the situation leads to the condition of keyword stuffing that leads to the over optimization of the site. Google penalize such sites for going against the rules of the search engine result page. So, it is very essential to utilize the keyword density checker tool and avoid the problem of over optimization of the site that will hamper the whole site. Google set the guidelines for the keyword density that the primary keyword should lies between 2 and 3 percentage and the long tail search phrases should lies between 1 and 2 percentage.

Content matters a lot from the point of view of both the end users and the search engine. The words that are used on the page of the web including the type, where to use and how to use that words matters a lot in knowing the value of the page in the search engine.

For using the keyword density checker tool, you are required to enter the valid URL or you can enter the text along with all elements such as Meta tags, titles and ALT tiles. Then, click on the check button to know the keyword density.