JSON Minifier

  • JSON Minifier

What is this tool?


The code takes a long time to load and run when it has too much of characters to compile thus Minification process are introduced in the computer programming language. What does Minification process do? It helps the user to remove the unused and unwanted characters from the coding without changing the originality of the codes. You may write the code in an easily understandable and readable format giving a lot of space and new lines but when it comes to a machine, it doesn’t really need those extra spaces and lines like how a human need. Thus the codes need to be minified so that these unwanted characters are removed. If you wish to do this task manually, it may be very confusing and it involves lot of effort and time. Thus programmers have come up with online tools that help you in minifying the code.

How to use?

How to use the tool?

This online tool is never confusing and it is very easy for the users to use. It has a text box which works as an input field and also an output field,  and has two buttons one for ‘minify’ and the other for ‘clear’. Once you are ready with the code, you need to type them in the input box and click on minify. The result after Minification process is displayed on the textbox itself that also works as an output field. If you wish to type a new set of code, simply click on the button that says ‘clear’ and the text box is now ready for the use.
The best thing about the online tool is that it is simple and easy to use. You need to copy the code from the text document that you created and get the minified content instantly. You can save you time. Avoid human error and mistake and also improve the quality of the code in a lesser duration.

JSON is also known as java script object notation which is an open standard format of code that is readable by human. JSON is used in transmitting data from a server to a web application which is also an alternative to XML. This is a language independent data format. The code is in the form of text and the file is saved with a .json extension.

Using JSON minifier tool

If you want to save time, it is wise to use JSON minifier tool that is easily available online. It provides quick and instant result. By using this tool that is available for free of cost, you can cut down the effort of manual work. You don’t have to spend hours in editing them yourself. When you do this task, there are changes for your to screw up the whole set of codes.

Using the online tool is more helpful than the manual work

•    Helps in removing those extra spaces
•    Deletes the extra lines that are unwanted
•    Bring all the code together without affecting the functionality
•    Long words are converted to computer friendly terms (colours converted to hexadecimal)
•    Removes unused and extra characters