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What is this tool?

Significance of HTML Compression tool

The online tool of HTML Compressor is widely utilized for compressing the code of the HTML by eliminating unnecessary white spaces, line breaks and many other extra objects. The tool is specially created according to the W3C standards and helps in imparting the secure and safe compression services along with the availability of the default settings. The availability of advanced controls features are there that gives an option of enabling and disabling the optimization of various concepts that includes CSS, JavaScript and many others. The tool is having the presence of the mixed languages support that helps in compressing the client side along with the preservation of the code of the server side.

How to use?

How to use the Html Compression tool online?

In order to use the tool online, you need to follow a simple procedure. Simply, copy the code and paste it on the HTML Compressor tool. Click on the compress HTML option. You will be able to get the compressed HTML code within a few seconds.

There are large options available for the inline documentation. This web interface is really simple to use. It is one of the most versatile compressors that help in compressing the HTML Codes along with the inline JavaScript and CSS. This tool is the only alternative that is having the amenity of JavaScript compressing that are having mixed features of PHP and other languages.

With the help of this tool, it is very easy to fetch the detailed report of all the errors and the warnings. The early detection of the errors will give an option to update the changes before the use of the code in the production process. The tool is well developed with several features of security in mind. The files that are compressed are providing specialized security in order to avoid the problem of casual downloads. The users will also get an option of in code preprocessing that is beneficial in eliminating the debug variables that are not essential for production process.

The tool is really very simple to use and minimizes the source of HTML by eliminating extra objects from the code. As we all know that there are large advantages of the data compression techniques such as there will be always the more availability of data in reality, prompt writing and reading services, files can be transfer at a faster rates, independency in terms of byte order and dynamic range of variables. For getting all such advantages, there is a need to perform the compression by reading and writing programs in a direct manner.