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What is this tool?


Color gradient is used in computer graphics which is also called as colour ramp that is helpful in specifying the position and range of colours. Specific gradient are used by window managers for the screen background. Smooth color transitions are produced by the various gradient positions. The usage of gradient is understood by graphical designers and web designers. This online tool Gradient color generator is going to benefit the web designers and lessen their burden. This excellent online tool helps you to create the gradient images quickly according to the size, colour and orientation you specify. Many web designers and graphic designers have found this tool to be handy to perform their work in less time.

Do not waste your precious time by creating the color gradient yourself; instead, start using this online tool which finishes the work in less time. Using this tool is very simple and easy. It is easier than writing hundred lines of codes. This tool is created as simple as possible so that the users are benefited. Most of the online tools are created to reduce the time and to provide accurate and outstanding results. You will definitely be benefited by using this online tool.

How to use?

How to use this online tool for gradient color generator?

The tool is self-explanatory. It has text boxes for ‘width’ and ‘height’. You can specify the width and height of the gradient image that you wanted to create.

Start colour and end color – When you click on ‘start color’ it open another window where you can specify the number of the color (if you are aware) or move your cursor to select the exact colour you want. When you move the mouse along the color, it will automatically fill the numbers on the text boxes next to them. Do the same thing for the end colour of your gradient. When you click on ‘End color’ a similar box opens with colour on the left side and the related numbers on the right side.

Direction of the Gradient – The tool allows you to select the direction of your gradient. You have two options, Vertical or horizontal. Depending on the need for your design, you can select anyone of those and click ‘gradient generator button’. The image of the gradient will be displayed at the bottom of the page. You can copy the image directly or save them using the right click and save option.