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What is this tool?

What is Google Page Rank Checker Tool?

The Google page rank checker tool is considered as the free service for checking the page rank of the Google in a quicker manner. As we all know that the page rank is an important factor that examines the importance of the page, and the Google calculates the ranking of the page on the basis of number of factors such as count of links leading to that page and many others. Pages which are having high ranking are more prone to noticed at the top results of the search engine.

The tool is one of the most significant methods that help in the determination of the relevance of the page. The pages that are important are more likely to receive higher rank in the search engine result page. The page rank of the Google is calculated from 0 to 10. The quality of the back links also matters a lot. The higher the quality of the back links, the higher will be the page rank of the Google. If you want to gain improvement in search engine ranking, then you must focus on the improvement of the Google page rank factor.

How to use?

How to make use of the online Google Page Rank Checker Tool?

In order to utilize the Google Page Rank Checker Tool, you are required to enter the domain name in the box, after opening the tool on the internet. Then, click on the option of “check page rank”. This option will provide you the rank of the site from 0 to 10.

Let’s discuss some of the features of this online tool in detail:

  • The tool is having the capability for checking the page rank and the validity of 25 URL in few seconds.
  • The logic of fake page rank checking is sent in the PR Query.
  • You are also given an option to select between fast or slow lookup.

You can also call the tool as the website authority checker tool that helps in examining the domain authority and the authority of the page. For improving your website authority, it is always better to make utilization of the valuable back link tools that examines the back link profile of your competitors. Mane an analysis of the most important competitors and develop new links. Focus on building quality based back links that brings improvement in the ranking of the website.

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