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What is this tool?

Using GOOGLE +1 Checker Tool Online

Owning a website is not a big deal but only if it has frequent visitors and good ratings, it makes a difference. In recent days, everything has become online and every business has its place in the online market. Creating and designing a website does not make a successful business but you need to have a good rating and ranking for the website so that it reaches many audiences and the business is successful.

How to know the rating and statistics of the website?

If you own a website and if you want to know the ratings and statistics of the website, there are many simple ways to find them. There are tools to keep a track of the progress of your website. A successful website can be noticed with the number of visitors and the ranking of the website. Google is one of the top search engines and most of the users prefer to use Google as their default search engines. Google +1 is used when a visitor visits your website and ranks them. For every new visitor, Google +1 keeps a track and saves the rank of your website in their database. But how do you know the ranking of your website?  You can check them with the online Tool 37 – Google +1 checker.

How to use?

How to use Google +1 Checker tool?

This is a simple tool that can be used by anyone who has basic computer knowledge. There are no complications in using this tool.

There is a text box ‘Domain content’ that helps you to input the address of your website. You need to type the address of the website or just the domain name and click on the button ‘Checker’ and it provides the result at the bottom of the page. It gives you the Rank of Google +1 instantly and quickly. The button ‘clear’ can be used to clear the page and use it for the next new search.


An example makes things easier and simpler to understand.

To find the Google+1 ranking of the amazon website, you need to enter the website link on the input field. Type on the ‘domain content’ text box and click ‘checker’. The result is displayed as Google +1 rank is: 739333. From this result we understand that the rank of the website is 739333

Don’t you feel it is easy to know the rank of your website using this simple tool? Use this tool to track the statistics of your website and improve the ranking of your website.