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What is this tool?


Every computer that has internet access has an IP address which is a four part number. The range of an Internet protocol address may fall between 0- 255. IP address contains four number and all these numbers are separated by a period. You need to know that all the four number represent as a single 32-bit dotted decimal number. Do you think you can remember the IP address of all the websites that you wish to visit? It is difficult to remember phone number, then how can you remember IP address of various websites?

How to use?

How to use the online tool to Get IP address by domain?

This simple to use online tools comes handy when you wish to find the IP address of the domain. In a click, you get the results. It has a text box ‘Domain content’ that works as an input field. There are two buttons ‘find IP’ and ‘clear’. You need to type the domain content on the text box provided and click ‘Find IP’. The results are displayed on just below the text box. Once you make a note of the results, click ‘clear’ and the text box is ready for a new search.

What are the uses of getting the IP address of the domain?

If you want to find an IP address of a specific a website, you can find them easily with the tool get ip by domain available online. You need to enter the URL of the website and it will fetch you the IP address of the website and the domain name. By using this tool, you can locate the IP address easily. What do you do with the IP address? What is the purpose of finding the IP address? You may have these questions in your mind. By looking at the IP address, you can find the origin of any suspicious emails that reaches your inbox. It also allows you to find the source of virus attacks. With the IP address, you can also identify the internet service provider.

When you have the IP address, you can easily block unwanted addresses and suspicious emails. Thus you are safe from the hackers. Knowing the source of a spam email or content is important. Next time when you have to find an IP address of the website, you don’t have to break your head, but just use this simple online tool that will fetch the desired result.