Duplicate Line Removal

  • Duplicate Line Removal Tool

  • Reverse Sorting (Z-A or 9-0):

What is this tool?


Are you tired of proofreading? It takes more pain to check for mistakes rather than writing an article or assignments. To make it easy for your, there is an online tool that will help you to find the duplicate lines quickly and easily. You don’t have to spend hours correcting and proofreading your articles and assignments anymore. Just a copy paste will help you to find the duplicate lines.

As we all know that the duplicate lines in your content will create problem further, so it is always the best idea to remove all such duplicity with the availability of the online tools. You need not have to follow a complicated procedure for avoiding the duplicate content from the document. The process is very simple and will not take much time for completing it. Such kinds of tools are utilized in various fields for making the document more unique and accurate. Moreover, there is never any disadvantage related in using this tool. You can use this tool without any stress and hassles. Each and every line is checked properly and all the copied content is removed with the features of the online tools. So, it is the best tool that can be used by any person for making their texts more consistent.

The online tool, duplicate lines removal helps you to compare the lines in your text and it will remove all the identical lines from your text. It does not remove duplicate words on the same sentences. The tool just locates all the lines that are repeated and removes them from the text and gives you a clear text that can be used. You don’t have to worry about the data loss as they do not delete every sentence but removes only the lines that are repeated.

How to use?

It is an easy to use tool and works effectively and saves time. These tools can be used by writers and students who do not want any duplicity in their work.

There is a text box to enter your content and text and there are few options that might help you.

‘Do not sort the result’ button does not alter the lines; it just removes the duplicate lines from the content. ‘Alphabetical Sort’ option helps you to arrange the lines and statements in an alphabetical order. ‘ASCII sort’ option helps in sorting the lines in ASCII order and you can also choose the check box ‘Reverse sorting (Z-A or 9-0) if you wish your lines to be in reverse order. When you have selected the option of your choice, you have to click the button ‘Remove duplicate lines’ that will help you with the clear text at the bottom of the page. You can just copy and paste the text on your required page.

Example: Check for duplicate lines. Check for duplicate lines. Check for duplicate lines. Type these lines in the text box and click the button ‘Remove duplicate lines’ The result will be ‘check for duplicate line’ It removes two other duplicate lines and gives you the result as one line. Is it not easy to use rather than a manual correction?