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What is this tool?

Are you looking for the online tool of Domain age checker?

One of the most important factors that is used for the determination of checking the ranking of the website is the domain age. The older is the website, the greater will be the experience in boosting its credibility. From the point of view of the search engines, the domain age matters a lot. The software tool of Domain Age Checker plays a vital role in displaying the age of the website and gives you an opportunity to know about the look of the website, when it was developed. The users will able to know about the website age in the pattern of the year, month and the date. Age of the website matters a lot in order to make it viable on the search engine and with the use of the tool, people can find the age of any website. It is also possible to know about the age of the competitor’s website.

How to use?


In order to make use of the Domain age checker tool, the user is required to enter the domain names with the maximum limit of 10 URL’s. The image verification is also required for proceeding further. After submitting the information, you will be able to know about the website age. With the help of the tool, the users know about when the domain was designed and last updated. The large number of webmaster are making use of this tool for knowing about the age of their sites as they know that it is very important from the point of view of search engines. This is really correct and many SEO experts are focusing towards it in order to achieve high ranking in the search engine result page. The domain age helps in ranking the back link profile creation from the highly respected sources. The main thing is that, it is also very easy to know about the outranking of the competitors site. There are certain domains that have attained a great reputation in various fields. Attaining the reputation is not a simple task. This will take a large amount of time and efforts. Some organizations are spending a large amount for achieving the reputation and trust factor among the audiences. But, by buying the domain that is over aged, it is easily possible to attain goodwill through the short cut method.

You can check the Domain Age checker tool at the site which will provide you the help in examining the age of the site in a complete detail manner.