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What is this tool?

Online Tool To Customize Your HTML Table

Maintaining a website is very important for every business and obtaining a good ranking for the website is the most important thing. Have you seen websites displaying data in the form of tabular columns? If you want to enter figures and data on your website, you may need to use a table on you website. Those tables can be easily created using an online tool. These tools can be used by web developers who are in need of creating HTML table quickly and easily. This tool can be used by anyone who has basic knowledge of using HTML.

Why do you need tables on your website?

When you have too many data to be delivered to the visitors, you need to use a correct format so that it looks nice and the reader gets the interest of reading them. Data which is displayed in the form of tabular column can attract the interest of the reader and he or she can easily understand what is being mentioned. For a successful turnover ratio, you should definitely present the website neatly.

How to use?

How to use the online tool – customize your HTML Table

The tool is simple to use and it makes the code easily available based on your input. You have many options that you can specify like table style where you can specify the color of the table and the theme of the table. There is a drop down for highlight that can be used for the table row to highlight on hover or no hover highlight. Table structure defines whether to add the placeholder cells on the info tag or not. You can also define the cell information like the number of rows and columns can be mentioned.


Let us give a specification for the table

Table style – blue, header

Highlight – No hover highlight

Table structure – Add placeholder info in table cells

Columns – 5

Rows -3

After entering all the data, you need to click on the button ‘generate code’.

The result table is displayed at the bottom of the page and the HTML code for the table creation is found below the table. Now the developer can easily edit the code and attach it to the main web page. These online tools make it simple for the developer and they get many benefits by using this tool. It saves a lot of time and it is easy to create.