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What is this tool?

Avail the spectacular benefits of Broken Link Checker Tool

Nowadays, there are large options in the online software tools category that are giving the clients the great services without creating any difficulties. The Web Smarter is a great platform of online tools that are helping the users in getting the most reliable services. One of the most significant tools is known by the name of broken link Checker tool that is having the property of reliability and adaptability. With these resources, the users are not required to make a search for the dead links in a manual manner. This amazing tool will inform you about the presence of the dead hyperlinks on the website and how you can make a fixing and find that link in the HTML Code.

According to the webmaster, this is the easiest tool to interact with the issues of the hyperlinks. Moreover, the tool is having the most accomplished checking amenities that examines for the links both externally and internally. With this, it is very simple to handle the report based on the web. This is the specialized application that is purely based on web. That is, you need not have to make an installation of any software for making use of it. And, one more thing is that there is no need to pay any registration charges or any sign up issues.

Main functions of the broken link checker tool

Broken link checker online tool acts as a free validator of the websites that examines the webpage from any errors and bad hyperlinks. Here, are some of the major functions of the tool:

  • Makes an examination of the websites for any presence of the broken link with the concept of online strategy.
  • Having the potentiality to scan infinite number of web pages in a few minutes.
  • Internal and external links are validated in a more perfect manner.
  • By using the tool, you can view the location of the dead links in the code of HTML.
  • Reporting of the response code.
  • Checks the web content complete and make an analysis of it for making it broken link free.
  • A large number of webmaster calls this tool as one of the best software on the World Wide Web.

How to Use?

How to make use of the broken link software tool?

If you want to make use of this most effective tool, you just need to follow a simple strategy. Enter the URL of the website in the broken link online tool and check the number of dead links in your web pages. In this way, you can also share the reports of the broken links that handles large number of websites with distinct webmasters.