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Do you remember the conversion that you did in your computer class when you were young? Your teacher would have asked to you to convert a decimal number to a hexadecimal number or the vice versa.
As we all know that XML is considered as the mark up language that is readable by man and the machine.
Minification is used in computer programming languages which are used in removing unused characters from the coding without changing the functions of the codes.
Have you seen those meaningless texts and paragraphs displayed on a presentation?
The “LESS TO CSS TOOL” is a specialized tool that is used by the front end developers who are not interested in working with the CSS.
The code takes a long time to load and run when it has too much of characters to compile thus Minification process are introduced in the computer programming language.
The process of Minification is done in the field of computer programming languages for removing the unusable characters from the code without bringing any changes in the functionality of the code.
There are many tools available online that helps the programmers to write the code with ease.
Do you remember the conversion that you did in your computer class when you were young?
Every computer that has internet access has an IP address which is a four part number.
Every organization needs some sort of tools that are able to examine the performance and the knowledge of the websites.
Did you realise that you haven’t turned ON the CAPS lock key on your keyboard before starting the work?
Unix time is commonly used in the Unix operating system and many other file formats.
Most of the people eliminate link breaks from the source code of HTML for the reason of saving the cost of the bandwidth and to provide the service of faster pages up.
Quick response code is readable by machine that contains information about the thing to which it is attached.
‘Ping Test’ is the term you often use if you are a network engineer.