MD5 Password Generator

  • MD5 Password Generator

What is this tool?


An IT person who is working in any security team will be aware of MD5 passwords and it is a very useful for the professionals to generate the most secured and protected password. MD5 password generator helps in encoding passwords, sensitive data and credit card numbers in to databases like MySQL and other databases. Program developers will have be benefited by using this online tool which eases their work. MD5 password is created by encoding any number of strings into a 128 bit fingerprint. In the field of IT, there is always the requirement of some sort of security features that will maintain the security and the consistency in the data. In such a way, all the information and private files are protected from any thefts and other factors that may lead to loss of data.

What is MD5?

MD5 is abbreviated as Message-Digest 5 which is the best, simple and quickest way to protect files and messages that you send and transfer. It adds security to all the files and data you transfer. The output may look complicated but the online web application and tools can reduce your burden. It uses an algorithm to the input and generates MD5 hash output. Most of them confuse MD5 as an encryption, but you need to understand that it is not an encryption at all. MD5 is just converting the information into an unreadable format so it is not considered as encryption. Instead of sending a confidential number or data in a readable format, MD5 helps you in converting the data into an unreadable format which can be understood only after decryption. This online tool plays a vital role in maintaining the data in a more accurate manner without any stress and difficulties. The files and the data are getting the complete consistent features in avoiding any obstacle in their work.

It is most commonly used in data base to store sensitive and secured data. Credit card numbers, passwords are encoded into MD5 128 bit has output. This is effective tool that can help you in converting short and long strings up to 256 characters. MD5 follows an algorithm and it provides the same output for the same input, so that the security and integrity of the data is maintained. You need to understand that MD5 is not an encryption and it is just a fingerprint of the input given.

How to use?

How to use the tool MD5 password generator?

In order to make use of this online tool, you need to follow a very simple procedure. There is a text box that works as an input box and it can take up to 256 characters as an input. ‘MD5’ button does the operation of converting and generating the password and the result is displayed at the bottom of the page.

For example, if you want to save the credit card number safely on the data base you can use MD5 convertor to store a credit card number 1234-5678-9102-3456 in the database, it is converted as 9de4327e15128a985e47a46f90f5e53c. If you want to store safe data or send safe data, use this tool to convert them.