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What is this tool?


The “LESS TO CSS TOOL” is a specialized tool that is used by the front end developers who are not interested in working with the CSS. With the help of the tool, you are able to convert the old CSS files into the fresh ones in a more quick and simple manner. The CSS code will be converted into lesser code and makes your code more simple and easy to understand. By removing all the unwanted elements from the code, the code will get its enhanced performance.

How to use?


The machine is able to understand the code without the spaces.

Using the LESS TO CSS TOOL is not very complicated. Less looks just similar like CSS except a few more features. The compiler converts the less code into standard CSS that is readable by the web browser. There are many different compilers are there for less that is having a programming in a different languages. With the help of java compiler, the task is easy. You are required to simply add the script in the HTML code and then you will be able to have the processing of the live LESS along with the loading of the page.

The word less denotes the pre-processor of the CSS, which means that it helps in extending the CSS language and adds more functionalities that allow to make the CSS more accurate and reliable. With the help of the tool, you will be able to eliminate the clean CSS dependency by making it to move on to plug-in. It is best recommended to make use of the less in the browser only for the purpose of the development or when there is a need of less compilation. Less is one of the large JavaScript file that is having its unique attributes.

As we all know that the main function of the CSS is in the modification of the structure of the web pages. Such files are having extension as .CSS and can be started with the help of a note pad or word pad. You are required to have the knowledge that the computer only requires the code for compilation. There is no requirement of the extra spaces and formats. Long code will take a long loading time and enhances the size of the file which is not a good factor for the programs. The term less denote the fantastic method for extending the CSS according to the needs of the programmers. Several variables, operators and many others are making this tool not worthy for the coders.

Understanding the Less Process with an example

The below code in entered in a text format for easy understanding. This is the readable format for a human being.

Forum highlight/dark colors

Green forum highlight:                  #d2f8db                               RGB: 210/248/219

Green forum dark:                          #bfe5c7                               RGB: 191/229/199

Orange forum highlight:                #ffeb8c                                RGB: 255/235/140

This is the readable format of a machine.

Forum highlight/dark colorsGreen forum highlight: #d2f8db RGB: 210/248/219Green forum dark: #bfe5c7 RGB: 191/229/199Orange forum highlight: #ffeb8c RGB: 255/235/140