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What is this tool?

What is JSON Validator?

The word JSON stands for the “JavaScript Object Notation” and is used for the storage and transmission of data in to the form that is easily readable by the human beings. The idea of the tool depends on the simple concept of “name value pairs” but the tool also imparts the complete services of the hierarchical structures and is used for any kind of data. It was released in the year of 2002and attain more popularity. At present, is the Ajax de-facto standard. The major advantage of the tool is that it is very light in weight and the simplicity. Due to the high popularity of the software tool, there is a large development of the numerous JSON tools and libraries that are supported by any browsers and the languages.

The popularity of the JSON Validator software tool has been growing on a large scale and it has becoming the language of the web. It is the most desirable communication format that makes the web services and the consumption of the sensor data more reliable.

The JSON is really simple and you can easily parse it. It is easy to view and you need not have to face any difficulty in understanding. There are three ways through which we can explore the tool such as Online JSON Validator, JSON Validation libraries and the last one is a no-code solution. The tool plays a very beneficial role in providing help with debugging. It helps in formatting the data that makes the humans to easily read and debug the data.

How to use?

How to use the online tool of JSON Validator?

For using the tool, you just need to enter the data in the JSON Validator tool and click on the option of “Validate JSON”. The process is really simple and within few minutes, you will be able to avail the validated data and the URL.

The main superb feature of the tool is it simplicity and transparency. Here, is the syntax of the JSON:

{“FIRST NAME”: “”, “SECOND NAME”: “”,”AGE” :}

There are seven top most JSON tools that are used for the process of research, development and the debugging. These seven tools are JSON Parser Online, JSON Visualization, JSON Editor Online, JSON Formatter and Validator, JSONLint and Online JSON Viewer and Collapsible JSON Formatter.

If you want to make use of this tool online, you can have a check on the site of the http://web-smarter.com, where you can find large number of tools with excellent features and functionalities. So, format and validate within a single click.