Generate the Email HTML Link Code

  • Generate the Email HTML Link Code

What is this tool?

Generate The Email HTML Link Code

Have you noticed websites that has email facilities directly from their pages? Instead of asking the customer to send an email from their personal inboxes, don’t you feel it is easy if you have one that sends emails directly from the website without troubling the user to login to their personal email, copy paste the address and type the body of the message all by themselves? If you are looking for an easy email option from directly from your website, you have reached the right spot. Here is an online tool that helps you to generate the email html link code that is uploaded to your website and allows the customers and users to directly send emails from the website.

How to use?

How to use the tool Generate the email HTML Link code?

It is really a good thing to have a link that allows visitors to send emails from your website. It is simple, easy and your visitors and customers will find it easy to contact you for further queries and complaints easily. Having an email link is an advantage for your website. These links are developed by HTML code and it’s made simple with the online tool.

Using the tool is explained in detail:

Emails links are done just like how other links are added to the webpage by using the tag.  You don’t have to write the codes all by yourself but just adding the content to the tool will generate the code automatically for you.

The tool has 4 text boxes that work as an input field. You need to specify the email address to which the visitor sends the email to. The link text can be anything as per your wish. Remember it is the word that the user clicks on that enables him to send the email so you can choose the text to be something like ‘contact us’, ‘mail us’ etc. The subject and the body of the email can be anything that you wish to specify.


If you wish your visitor to subscribe for a weekly magazine easily, here is the code that you can use so that in a single click, the user can drop an email to your inbox.

Your email address:

The link text: Subscribe now

The subject line: Requesting Subscription – Weekly magazine

The body of the Email: I’m interested with the subscription. Please contact me with further information.


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