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What is this tool?


Have you wondered how people share quotes, sayings and emails in the form of images on social networking sites? You don’t have to know about coding languages and software but if you use the online tool effectively, you can create image file quickly and easily. When you have internet at home or office and know the basics of working on a computer, you can easily learn many things that will save most of your time. It is really an amazing thing when the technology gives you so many benefits of adding images and many other features on your project. Presently, there is the availability of large number of online tools that are creating best benefits for the customers in using them in their projects in a more accomplished manner.

Why would you use email to image converter?

When you want to share your email on a social networking site or similar sites, you can put it in an image format which is very attractive. Somehow or the other it maintains the privacy of your email address as the email address cannot be copied directly from the image file. When you place your email address as an image format, it attracts the readers and viewers.

How to use?

How to use the online tool to convert your email address into image format?

If you are using online tool for the first time, you may be shocked with the number of input fields, but later when you start using them regularly, you will definitely like them.

These are the steps involved in using the tool.

  • Type the email address
  • Select the font name
  • Background colour of the image
  • Colour of the text
  • Size of the font
  • Colour of the box-shadow

By following these steps, you will be able for making conversion of your email address in the image format in a better manner. The tool contains 6 text boxes that also work as an input unit. The first text box is for you to enter the email address. The next three text boxes are used to describe the font name, colour and the background. There is a huge list of font names available on the drop down menu and you can choose one among them. Next select the background colour of your image. When you click on the box ‘background colour’ it brings another box with the colours displayed on the left and if you know the code of the colour you can enter them in the text box, the same way, you can select the colour of your text. Font size helps you to select the size of the font for your image and you can also select the colour of the box-shadow.

Click the button ‘generator’ and the image with the required specification displays just below the button and you can copy and save the image for future use. The process is really very simple and you can save a large amount of time and efforts while making use of this online tool. So, be aware in using such kind of tools for adding it on your work in a better manner.