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What is this tool?


There are many tools available online that helps the programmers to write the code with ease. With these online tools, conversion have also made easy. You just need to know where to find the tool and how to use the tool for a successful coding. Most of these tools are easy to use and it consumes very less time and saves a lot of time. Tool CSV to XML converter is available on the internet for free. You do not have to spend money for the registration. It is also safe to use. You don’t have to download any application or tool to use them. It just sits on your web browser and the result is also displayed on the screen. Downloading or saving does not come into the picture so it is safe to use.

How to use?

How to use the tool?

The text box named ‘CSV content’ works as an input where you need to copy the code and paste on the text box. There is a check box named ‘use the first line for column names’ which can be used as per your decision. If you need the XML file to use the column name, have the box checked, if not leave them unchecked. Once your content is typed on the input area, you can click on ‘convert to XML’, the desired result is displayed on the textbox itself and it is free of errors. Is it not easy and quick to use this online tool?

Converting CSV to XML

You need to have named elements for a XML format. The first row of the CSV files is used to create the element name that is extracted for creating the XML element name. You need to have a header row on your CSV file if you wish to convert them as the output file of the XML is defined only based on the header row of your CSV file. If you do not have a header row, you need to ensure to add them manually. You need to understand the importance of the name and use a name that is meaningful. You don’t have to worry about the extra spaces or lining. During the conversion process, the extra spaces and lines are eliminated. XML does not allow white spaces and extra lines. You also have to note that you cannot have duplicate field name and hence you need to create unique names for the entire field that is defined in your header.

Using the online tool to convert CSV to XML format

A CSV file is created by the programmer with many numbers of lines and records and every record is separated by line breakers and they are separated by commas. CSV files are created same as that of an excel sheet or a spread sheet. When your CSV file is ready, you can use the online tool to convert them. Using online tool helps you to convert it with free of errors.