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What is this tool?

What is Alexa Rank Checker Tool?

The “Alexa Rank Checker Tool” is the most useful tool that helps in converting the raw data into informational insights. The tool is very useful in the industry of SEO. There are large numbers of benefits that are derived when the tool is used. Alexa traffic rank helps in knowing the popularity of the website. You are able to look for the sites that are related to the sites you are visiting. You can also know about the past look of the website. Search analytics is possible with the use of the tool. The existence of the Alexa will not be possible without the support of the Alexa toolbar community. The calculation of the traffic is possible through the tool. You need to install the toolbar in the browser.

You can find the Alexa Rank Checker Tool free and the paid tools are also there, that you can select according to your use. At present, the web ranking helps in determining the relevancy of the websites. The ranking of the websites on the search engine is very important as it helps in deriving profitable traffic towards the site. The main objective of large number of webmasters lies in catching a huge traffic. Many webmasters are now noticing the value of deriving a higher rank with the help of the Alexa Rank Checker Tool. With the help of the tool, the web traffic is measured on the basis of frequency of users’ visit that makes an installation of the web browser toolbar. Similar to search engine result page, the sites that are having lower numerical ranking are rated as the good web traffic and the page views by the Alexa. The social networking site known as Face book ranked at the first position.

How to use?

How to make use of the Online Alexa Rank Checker Tool?

You can use the Alexa Rank Checker Tool like other toolbars and download the tool into your web browser to examine the site’s traffic. Webmaster can gain more benefit of the tool by measuring the site against the competitors. The complete exposure of the website will be improved with the support of the tool. Sites that are having high Alexa ranking are having more capability to attract the potential audience and thus generate more leads. The webmasters also attain valuable information through the Alexa ranking that provides more viability of the site. The site viability can be enhanced by several factors such as web traffic on a regular basis, site construction, exposure of the web via SEO and many others.