How to Hire Developers for Startups?

It is challenging and exciting to build a product from scratch. Even if you have a brilliant idea, it will only work if you have the right team to implement it. That’s why having a great team is super important for your future success. Undoubtedly, having a great team of developers is no less than a wizard, as they create magical digital solutions with their coding.   

If you are looking to bring new members to your team, congratulations! That means your business is growing. When it comes to a scaling team, it’s not easy to find or hire developers with sound knowledge and skills. At the growing stage of your startup, it’s necessary to have a dedicated team, and you shouldn’t settle with low-skilled developers. Therefore, in this article, we are going to share some of the best startup hiring tips to help you bring your A-game to the market. Let’s dive into it. 

What to look for while hiring developers

On the journey of creating tech products, developers are the brains and the hands of your entire project. They bring ideas to life. In this case, you need to be super precise as you hire web developers for your startup.

Understand your requirements first

Before hiring a dedicated developer, you should first know about your requirements. As a result, the more specific you are, the better filter you have. Your project goals, prerequisites, and challenges give you the proper understanding of what kind of team members you need in your development.

Proficient with the latest technology

You may be a startup now, but you will not be a startup in 2-3 years. As a result, you must think about how your app will work in the future.

The scalability of your project is directly impacted by the technology you use. The chosen technologies to construct an app or website will impact its scalability and upgrades. Therefore you should hire a developer that is both skilled and familiar with the latest technologies.

Verify their expertise

You need to be diligent in checking out their background while hiring developers. You must ensure that they have the expertise as claimed and can handle your project. Therefore, always ask for the list of the projects they have accomplished because it helps you to filter out candidates that are missing vital skills needed for your project. 

Along with the expertise, the candidate should be self-organised and capable of tackling issues independently. They need to be proactive in making suggestions and reporting issues without being prompted.


At this stage, both the candidate and you are going to make some decisions. But before adding your ideal candidate to your team, you should try to decide if they:

  • Are passionate about what they are doing or excited about what they are going to do.  
  • Should have a good knowledge of their area of expertise.
  • Should be someone your team will enjoy working with.

Always hire web developers for their knowledge of computing and flexibility rather than experience. Don’t ask for their 5-years in Java, 2-years in SQL, and 1.5 years in Hibernate. Instead of this shopping list, you must explore their area of expertise or online presence.

Where to find dedicated developers

Where to find dedicated developers

You can wind up contacting job agencies, which can be expensive and may not always meet your needs if you do not know where to find developers. For startup owners, it’s better to search on your own, on these talent marketplaces. 

Linkedin Linkedin is a great platform for creating a referral chain, and getting recommendations to humanise your brand. After setting up your company page, take advantage of LinkedIn Talent Solutions which can leverage the magic of data-driven recruiting to get the best people you can. 

Toptal Toptal is a great resource and is always in high demand among those who want to hire a programmer to build a website or app. This is the place where you can get in touch with experienced developers that helps to expand your business.

Moonlightwork Moonlightwork is a great community of software developers and product designers that also acts as a marketplace, where you can hire dedicated remote developers or freelancers. 

Github Github is the community of software engineers where they get a chance to show their talent and also can share how they build great software. You can get the code samples of real software developers and even offer the job to the required one who has coded something similar to your products.  

Stackoverflow is another great tool to connect with the best developers. It’s a space where all the developers ask for coding advice, all together they try to figure out the solutions to bugs. However, the Stackoverflow community can help you find your dedicated developers for the project. 

Benefits of hiring developers

Increased Cost-efficiency

Companies can drastically reduce costs and liability by using remote developers. Payrolls, pensions, and medical coverage can be eliminated. Companies can hire dedicated teams on an hourly basis, customise their services for as many days as needed, and terminate all obligations once the contract is over.

Tech Talent Availability

Outsourcing allows you to hire the best talent while also avoiding the long-term commitment of permanent hiring. There’s always a risk for the early age startup, and to overcome it hiring a developer on a project basis is a good option. 

Guaranteed results

Complex software projects impose multiple challenges. In such circumstances, a one-size-fits-all approach may not be appropriate. Dedicated developers that are well-versed in cutting-edge technology can use well-defined development processes to address such issues.

Experienced And Expertise

When you recruit developers with relevant experience for your startup, your chances of producing a successful app or website will increase. If you outsource, you can choose developers who have worked on similar projects. It avoids rookie mistakes that can delay the development process.


When it comes to hiring developers, early-stage startups have a difficult time. There isn’t a lot of flexibility for founders to select the finest developer for their team. We have explained why outsourcing or hiring a developer is a good idea and provided a step-by-step method for finding the correct developer. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of hiring developers for your startup, drop us an email on your hiring needs, and we will be glad to assist.


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