Project Description

IPG Reuveni Pridan


EffectiveNet is an innovative system created by Reuveni Pridan IPG, who decided to become the most Effective agency in advertising campaigns for their customers. EffectiveNet is the first such system owned by an advertising agency, allowing their customers to market and sell their products and services online with maximum efficacy, in a Pay-Per-Success model.

Reuveni Pridan developed the partner system but for technical reasons they got stuck – in the middle of the project. Eternitech was called in in order to salvage what was done and continue developing the system to completion, so that EffectiveNet would be able to create marketing campaigns as soon as possible.


Eternitech took over the system as is and solved the immediate problems so that the system could go live as soon as possible. In parallel, we selected the Servers and Services that were needed for the specific customer requirements. Once the system was up and live, the customer immediately started using it, while we continued the constant job of refining and improving the system, making it today one of the most advanced systems of its kind in the market.


Eternitech - Mobile App Development

Eternitech was able to step in when the customer had a serious problem, and develop the system to their complete satisfaction. The initial system was completed on time, installed on a reliable infrastructure, and over the past several years we continued and still continue to provide development and support services, plus ancillary products.

EffectiveNet is today advanced and effective Affiliate & lead Management System in Israel


Small Star - Online Technology