Project Description

Golan Telecom


Golan Telecom is a Mobile Network Operator in Israel. It is the fifth operator to enter into the Israeli Communication landscape. The company is an aggressive player in the Israeli market, periodically cutting prices compared to the competition.

Golan Telecom had a problem whereby they were wasting valuable hours every week on routine and recurring  technological operations. They asked Eternitech to provide a technological solution customized to their needs, that will work autonomously, without human intervention, and will perform the required tasks repeatedly at the prescribed times – an Automation Solution.


Eternitech created a script in Python that connected to the required systems based on the parameters that were received from the client. We then configured the system to run autonomously according to the required run times.


Golan - Online Technology

As a result of this custom application, the customer engineers save significant valuable time every week, while the system operates totally independently and makes sure that the operations run smoothly and with precision. This unique application is an example whereby automation can save significant manpower and money while enhancing stability in the work flow.

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