• Strive to be a Leading Software Development Company that specializes in the majority of Foundational Software Technologies and Software Architectures, with the purpose of always seeing the bigger picture.
  • To offer our customers the best possible solution for them, and not only utilizing the technologies that we know.
  • To continuously retain and improve our technological knowledge and expertise and expand both into the newest, cutting-edge technologies in the market and also the older, legacy technologies.
  • To operate using the newest work methods such as Agile, both in the technology infrastructure, software languages and in creating the right solution for our customers.
  • To keep Eternitech focused as a Software House striving to be keep up and stay at the forefront of most advanced technologies.
  • Simultaneously, as part of The Eternitech Group of Companies, to offer our customers additional, non-technical yet important services, utilizing the other experts within our group.
  • To be a company that is good to work for, and is good to work and do business with.
  • To be a company that positively contributes to its employees, its customers and to the community as a whole.


If the technology provides it, We will deliver it!


Strive for Excellence in any job that the company does.

Strive for Excellence by every one of its employees.

To be a company that positively contributes to the community in which it operates.

To ensure that all company employees, managers and principals always conduct themselves fairly, ethically, honestly, responsibly, carefully and professionally while doing any work or taking any action on behalf of the company.