If you’re a tech geek, you should wear it with pride. Whether you have a job in technology or just love it as a hobby, the tech advancements happening every day can have an exciting impact on your life. Invest in the technology that inspires you with gadgets like these! 

An Action Camera

Every tech geek out there enjoys gadgets that have capabilities its counterparts fail. An action camera stands apart from the average camera because, as it implies, it can actually capture objects in motion. These types of cameras are usually able to be worn and are supposed to be incredibly durable. Typically, action cameras like GoPros allow you to mount the camera easily to different objects and at a variety of angles. They usually can be dropped relatively large distances without being damaged and are waterproof. There is a huge range of different action cameras out there, so finding the right one for you or your friend might be challenging at first.

A Crypto Hardware Wallet

Getting a crypto hardware wallet is another great idea for tech geeks, particularly any invested in bitcoins or other crypto currency. Put simply, a crypto hardware wallet is a portable key that allows you to access your crypto currency from anywhere without it being cyber stolen. Unlike their previous virtual counterparts, hardware wallets work as physical USB-like objects that need only be plugged into a computer system to access. These wallets are possibly the best method of keeping your investments safe since the method doesn’t even use the internet—in effect none of your information to unlock access to your different investments will ever even go onto the internet, meaning that it will never be hackable. Some are also equipped with GPS so that you never have to worry about losing it or having it stolen!  

A Smartwatch

While it’s important that gadgets do one thing better than the rest, tech geeks can certainly appreciate a gadget that is made to do multiple things at once. Smartwatches are a perfect example of a multi-function gadget. Typically, smartwatches have many features such as step counting, notifying of messages, clocks, heart rate and sleep monitors, and more beyond just telling the time. In general, it allows you to access important information more conveniently. As you think about the right smartwatch for you, make sure you are getting a smartwatch that connects to your particular kind of phone. It’s best to stick within brands—for example, get an Apple watch if you have an iPhone, or a Samsung-friendly smartwatch if you have a Samsung phone.

An Electric Car

An electric car is a big investment, but one that will ultimately pay off for most people. If you are seriously invested in tech and have a bigger budget, getting an electric car is one of the coolest ways you can upgrade. The downsides to electric vehicles, such as the shorter ranges and the need to charge up, are mitigated by the absolute freedom from gas prices, tax credit, and low maintenance. Maintenance can be lower even further, as updates like ceramic coating will protect your car from dirt and debris on the road. Ultimately, electric cars allow you to save significant money in the long run while offering you amazing features and less upkeep.

A Smart Home Security System

A smart home security system is an important investment for anyone passionate in quality tech. Some smart home security systems combine things like home climate control with home security. This centralization of various home processes can be incredibly helpful and more efficient, especially as most home security systems enable you to be more remotely involved with your home’s security. For example, if you happened to have left the garage open, you’ll be notified and even able to close it from an app on your phone. Do your research to have a better idea of what works best for your home regarding price points, features, and other traits. 

Smart Appliances

There are so many different smart appliances out there, but they all contribute to a more convenient, more techy existence. For example, a smart fridge can help you keep your energy costs lower and also help you manage your groceries better. It will automatically scan the different items in your fridge for their expiration dates and will notify you when certain things are about to go bad. With some smart fridges, you can actually set the fridge to reorder certain things off sites like Amazon when it senses that that item is about to run out or expire! Other great gadgets to add to your home include smart light bulbs, video doorbells, and robot vacuum cleaners!

USB Adapter for Phone

Getting a USB adapter for a phone is a small but essential gadget for any tech geek. These adapters basically allow you to plug in a USB drive into your phone and transfer stuff from your phone to the drive or from your drive to the phone. This is especially helpful for immediately and safely transferring things like photos. Ultimately, this device can be a real time saver for a lot of people. It’s especially effective for geeks that love photography, because it enables you to not lose picture quality in the process of transferring photos around.

Fun Techy Accessories

Having fun techy accessories is a must for anyone who embraces the tech geek mentality, and not all of them have to be expensive or terribly essential. From fun office posters to funky USB drives to cool designs of wireless mouses, getting some of these fun accessories can help you embrace the techy persona even more while adding your own personal flare. And ultimately, getting more items like thumb drives will be very helpful to always have more storage at the touch of your finger.

The future of technology is only one going upwards. As someone who loves technology, you should try to enhance your life with it. Getting even one or two of these various devices could add a lot of convenience to your life, and of course a ton of geeky fun!

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