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superpoll - Server Side Development


Superpoll is an innovative poll and survey platform, for both web and cellular (Cellopoll). With Superpoll you can easily compose your polls in 5 easy steps, select your preferred contacts and submit! Superpoll approached Eternitech when it was still in the formation stage on the way to becoming a startup.

Eternitech was asked to provide end-to-end technical capabilities, starting from developing the promotional website that explains about the product, through developing the product itself including client side, server side, mobile app, database and more. We received product mockups and specifications, and developed the whole solution from scratch.


We started by studying the mockups and designing the overall system, which is a fairly complex system, being able to support multi-languages and multi-platforms – both Web and Mobile.  As in every project, we designed the databases, the various services we needed, and we commenced on developing the system. The mobile apps were developed using Phonegap – that enabled us to use a common code for both mobile iOS and Android Apps and the Web, in all screen resolutions. This choice saves the customer, in most cases, time and money during the development phase and also during upgrades to the system.


Mobile App Development - banner superpoll

As mentioned above, Eternitech developed the whole system from one end to the other, and created a platform that allows Superpoll’s customers the ability to upload surveys, to distribute those surveys to various respondents in various different methods (E-mail, text messages) and enables its customers to access the system via the Web or other Applications. Moreover, Eternitech, together with the customer, developed the Superpoll promotional website that invites and welcomes visitors of the site.

The Superpoll platform also allows respondents to be compensated for answering and filling in surveys. Your’e welcome to try it!

superpoll - Server Side Development


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