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Bat Yam Municipality

Bat Yam Municipality - Web Systems Development


The Bat Yam Municipality regards Education as a top priority and as one of the most important elements in providing the tools for success in life. It strives to be a leader in Education, and as such develops and implements innovative educational programs.

One such unique program was developed jointly between the Bat Yam Municipality and Matrix, one of the largest IT companies in Israel and an Eternitech customer. This project was to develop a system to manage and distribute educational content to students in school through Tablets. Eternitech was asked to build the system responsible for the registration and distribution of this material to students and, as usual, way ahead of the beginning of school.


Eternitech received the initial specifications. We then designed the database structure, studied the external integration requirements, and worked tightly with the customer to understand who the potential visitors will be, with which kind of devices they will access the system, how the system will do the verification and authentication of the data relevant to the database, and what is the desired process that the visitor should go through.


Eternitech - Mobile App Development

We completed the development on time and to the full satisfaction of the customer. We continued supporting the system as long as was required.

Bat Yam Municipality - Web Systems Development


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